Photo by: Sarah Ng


I am an Illustrator and Painter working in Toronto, and a graduate from OCADU Illustration! 

My work involves expressive and subtle textures, overlapping and loose gestural lines, bold and vibrant colours, collage and mixed media. Aesthetically, I draw influence from Polish theatre/film posters, jazz music, indie comics, and Fauvist/ Ab-Expressionist art.     

When I'm not drawing I'm working at Forno Cultura, listening to jazz, watching movies, reading books and plays, and dancing like a goofball while cooking food for my partner Sarah!

Select Clients: 

York University, The Dummy's Tales (Italian Magazine)  

Awards & Recognition:

American Illustration 38: The Archive

For commissions, fees, and other related inquiries, please contact me at:



Instagram: @joshlexmiddleton

LinkedIn: Joshua Middleton



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